Highway Defects Liability

Highway maintenance is one of the most important municipal responsibilities due to the vast amounts of traffic and travel done along the roads. When there are defects in the highway or there is a lack of safety structures, the risk to the public is greater. Highways are places in which drivers are traveling at high speeds amongst many other parties. If one driver hits a pothole that offsets their vehicle, the damage to themselves and others could be severe.

One of the most common highway defects are potholes. These indents in the pavement can occur over the normal wear and tear of a road, however they should still be repaired often to avoid drivers suffering flat tires or losing control of their vehicles. Other highway defects include uneven pavement, lack of signs, lack of guardrails, and shoulder drop-offs. All of these defects are capable of causing the threat of increased injury in the case of an accident.

According the website of the Hankey Law Office, highway defects liability may be shared between multiple organizations. While a municipal is responsible for the maintenance of highways, they also need to contract construction companies to perform the physical repairs. This means that defects that were incorrectly repaired or not fixed within a reasonable amount of time may be the shared liability of a construction company and municipal.

Highway defects can cause a multitude of injuries to unsuspecting drivers and their passengers. Like any serious car accident, a driver can sustain head and brain injuries, neck injuries, broken bones, and other potentially permanent damage. You should not be responsible for the medical expenses and lost wages associated with an accident caused by a highway defect.

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