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Dog Grooming

Posted by on Dec 10, 2013 in Pet Care

Many people have negative ideas about dog grooming: that they are just a luxury and a waste of time and money. This is not true. Grooming your dog is vital in keeping them healthy and happy as well. Aside from preventing your pet from smelling (and looking!) bad, dog grooming can help in keeping you on top of your dog’s health, allowing you to see possible health risks that could be life-threatening to your dog if not immediately addressed.

Regular grooming does not necessarily require everyday showers and hair cuts at costly dog salons: you can do it at home. Brushing or combing your dog’s hair on a regular basis not only helps keep it clean and well-groomed, by doing it yourself you will be immediately alerted of fleas, ticks, possible cuts, infections and other skin concerns that your dog may be suffering from. Brushing helps take away dirt and dead hair, making way for new and healthier hair. This would also mean lesser chances of your dog shedding on your furniture and all over your house. Having a clean pet can also benefit others in the house that has allergies.

Mats and knots on your dog’s hair could be a potential cause for larger parasites to live in your dog’s fur. These mats and knots can tug on your pet’s hair which could cause pain, giving way to an irritated dog. They often form because of the accumulation of dead and loose undercoat that is trapped in the top part (guard) hair. Although they can be easily removed and prevented by regular brushing, they can be extremely difficult to remove if they have already solidified. Taking your dog to a groomer would be a better option than to cut it yourself.

Aside from keeping your dog looking smart and clean, regular dog grooming could also aid in establishing you and your dog’s bond. It is part of your dog’s socialization, and could lead to a more relaxed pet. It has been known that stroking your pet’s hair can help relieve stress, and it is not only for humans but for the pet as well.

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