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Buying a New House: Like a Marriage?

Posted by on May 9, 2015 in Natural Hazards

Marriage can be more complicated than you might initially think. You don’t just marry someone you’ve just met and call it true love, as has once been said. In real life, it is folly to make such a huge, permanent commitment without looking into the partner with whom you wish to dedicate spending the rest of your life with. This same kind of commitment can be likened to purchasing a house and, just as with finding out on whether your partner is “The One”, you need to take certain precautions.

One of these precautions is to acquire the natural hazard disclosure (NHD) report. More often than not, some have even stated that this is the likelihood 99% of the time, the sellers are the ones who are expected to provide these reports. However, there must be special care taken when getting these papers.

Going back to the marriage analogy – who would you rather trust with your partner’s history: your partner’s family or your partner’s Twitter followers? The same can be said of those who can provide NHD reports. Anything can be found on the internet these days and anyone who is not an expert on these reports could be duped by false (or incomplete) facts. That is why it is important to get a reputable source to find out the kind of natural hazards that might be present within the house.

Is the environment susceptible to fires, floods, or earthquakes? What is the crime rate of the neighborhood? How old is the house in question and when were the foundations last fortified? If previously foreclosed, what was the reasoning behind it? There are plenty of questions you need to ask and there might be answers that you need that you never thought to ask for. A source or agency that can be trusted, for about $50 more, can be the price that saves you from expenses that go to hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs due to ignorance or misdirection.

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